The last 15 Audio Post by (May-April 2013)
all open in new window / tab / cyberhole

Gino And The Goons – Gotta Getaway (big beat / garage / tampa)
The Witdrawals – Bad Vibe (garage / punk / portland)
The Scumbugs – My Baby’s Gone Away (indie / garage beat / norway)
Da Willys – Bad Personality (punk rock / new york / 80s)
Frowning Clouds – Do Like Me (garage beat / australia / revival)
The Frenzies – People (garage / punk / leeds uk)
Subsonics – Bad Knots (atlanta / rock n roll / punk)
Deadlinks – I Give Up (punk / r&r / canada)
The Hydeouts – Tell Me (garage / fuzz / punk)
The Cynics – I Need More (garage / rock / pittsburgh)
Mondo Ray – Backdoor On My Mind (punk / powerpop / germany)
Cheap Time – Kill The Light (psychedelic / glam / rock)
The Crushers – Buggin You (punk / rock / london)
The Holstered – End Of The Mystery (rock / garage / miami)
American Garage & Punk Bands Podcast (free mp3 / rock / punk)

The pic is my shwag photography – feel free to use it for any purpose. Edit out the text. That is if you need a picture of a cool trash container : ) There are 10 more here on my facebook post you are welcome to use/have/own also, for any purpose whatsoever.

You can see all audio post since the 1st day this blog was brewed and born @

Follow this man.  He has awesome taste!


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