It is really hard for the brown girls to get on certain sets. Very hard for the brown girl. And I’ve been doing Rihanna’s hair since 2007… through every look that everybody loved, hated, maybe liked, maybe disliked… but still talked about it regardless. And there are editorials that will come up, and those people who are the decision makers will say that they don’t want me. They want to use their own people. So how can you want this artist to be in your magazine because of the way she looks which I had something to do with, but now you don’t want to use me for your magazine cover? So now they bring anybody in, who, chances are, it’s somebody who is not brown and has no knowledge of black hair. And black hair needs to be understood to be done well and properly. And so you brought this person in because they must have a big name or whatever political reason they have, and then the artist is not happy because her hair looks like shit. It’s a crazy thing. As a black stylist, I’ve always been able to go on the set and do black, white, Asian, and all types of hair. But we can’t get the job. They wont give us the job.

Ursula Stephen (Rihanna’s hair stylist) is really fucking smart. (via pussyharvest)

This is why there is a long history of black female artists being tagged as divas for refusing to let anyone they didn’t know touch their hair. White people who don’t know how to do black hair are incredibly common in the industry, but we’re all supposed to pretend they know even when it leaves people bald. That’s a level of privileged logic that I don’t get, but I hear pretty often.

(via karnythia)


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